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We love wall stickers for living room, it really is that simple! However, we think you should too. Not only are they quick and easy to stick on the wall, adding character to quite literally the darkest of rooms, these wall stickers cost a fraction less of traditional decorations, come with a variety of different themes, patterns, and colors, and also at that personal touch to your room of choice.

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However, what about wall stickers for living room? Well, we’re glad you asked. While technically you can put wall stickers anywhere (duh), as long as you have a wall… the living room is a great place to display some of your favorite stickers, whether you’re into movies such as the avengers or simply want a cute dog to pop on the wall, wall stickers are for you.

Nonetheless, with so many different designs to choose from it can be challenging to make a start! Therefore, we’ve gathered together some of our favorites for a little inspiration.

So, which one to choose?

Okay, so we’ve convinced you? Wall stickers are great – we’re glad you think that too! Some of our favorites include the chalkboard blackboard designs, not only vintage-looking, but also practical – useful for making quick reminders and notes throughout the day, the Christmas glass door window stickers, a great addition during the festive period, the cat light switch if you’re looking for something unique, and of course, the ants glass sticker to add real character! Don’t worry though, they’re not real ants.

However, with so many designs available across the site, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to the living room section! For example, feel free to look in the bedroom, kids, and 3D sticker sections if you’re looking for something a little different – we truly believe there is a sticker for everybody.

Likewise, you can also use these living room designed stickers in any other room, after all, it is your house. Whether you choose to get creative with these ant glass stickers in the kitchen on top of the salt and pepper or choose the cat light switch as a theme all around the house we’re sure you are going to be pleased.

The bottom line

Will stickers are a great addition to your home! Not only are they cheap, especially when compared to either redecorating an entire room with a lick of paint and or wallpaper, but these wall stickers also add character and flair to your home – especially in the living room!

We recommend taking a look at our select favorites, through the living room page, and of course, through the other sections to see what best fits you – remember, wall stickers are personal and more often than not a talking point for guests, so make sure to pick something you like!

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