3D wall stickers for the living room

If you’re struggling for design ideas for your living room why not consider wall stickers? Not only are they super easy to put on, but they also are less expensive than more conventional decorations while coming in a wide variety of different themes, patterns, and colours to meet your needs!

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These include 3D designs, with stickers including butterflies, cosmic space, and even a 3D cat hole for those frantic pet lovers out there. After all, what better way to add a little character to the living room with a simple yet stunning feature, one which will definitely spark up a conversation with guests!

Which one to choose?

With so many designs and stickers available, where do you start? Well, some of our favorites include the 12 piece butterfly designs with their vibrant and colorful design – a perfect addition to the living room, coming in many different colors, all of which display the true beauty of the sticker your living room won’t know what’s hit it.

We’re also a big fan of the 3D kid’s decal of minions, obviously more targeted towards the younger generation! However, this can be a great addition to the living room, making it all-inclusive to the family and a talking point for guests.

Thirdly, if you’re a fan of the avengers you’re not going to want to miss this one. We have a 3D avengers sticker perfect to stick above the couch, with popular characters including Thor, Ironman, Captain America, and the Hulk now part of your living room – cool, right?…

However, as well as these 3D wall stickers we also have a wide range of wall stickers just for the living room. These include an ancient lamp with cats and birds, ant glass stickers, and even functional ones such as the chalkboard blackboard sticker – perfect for writing those important daily reminders!

The same also applies to the 3D wall stickers, while we do recommend sticking them in the living room, they, of course, can be placed elsewhere around the house. In fact, some of the stickers are great in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or even in the bedroom – the choice really is up to you!

The bottom line

3D Wall stickers are the latest craze, don’t be one to miss out! If you’re bored with traditional decorations and need some inspiration for your living room we highly recommend giving wall stickers a go!

Not only are they super easy to stick onto the wall, they cost a fraction of the price of redecorating and can add character to any room in the house – especially the living room, by either adding a set of butterflies as a warm and welcoming entrance to the room or something for the kids such as minions as mentioned above!

If you’re looking for a fun, vibrant, and interactive decoration for your living room look no further than 3D wall stickers, costing a fraction of the price of traditional decorating and adding character to your living room.

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