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First off, What are wall stickers?

Good question! It’s exactly as it sounds, wall stickers are simply stickers that you can stick on the wall. These come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns to suit your individual needs and match the décor in your room.

If you haven’t heard of a wall sticker before, you’re in for a treat.

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They’re not just for decoration either!

That’s right… wall sticker décor is not just for decoration either. While you can certainly have a Spiderman wall sticker in your living room (yes, we’re talking to the adults here), or a Harry Potter sticker in the bedroom, you can actually get one’s with a purpose too – aside from being aesthetically pleasing.

For example, you may choose to get a height chart, a world map, or the alphabet to stick in your kid’s room. Essentially, wall sticker décor is a much cheaper version of wallpaper, however, instead of being a pain to set up, wall stickers can be applied an in instant.

Moreover, you can also choose themed wall stickers for festivities such as Christmas or birthdays – with them being easy to remove once the fun is over, the partying has stopped and you want your living room back to normal.Wall Sticker

We have a wide range of wall sticker stuff available!

As you’ve probably already seen, we have a wide variety of wall stickers available to choose from. These include wall stickers for kids with popular designs including the avengers, minion designs from the film disciple me, and, of course, the standalone minion movie, as well as other popular designs including Pooh & Friends.

As well as stickers for kids, we also have one’s for the bedroom including a relaxing sunset tropical beach, a selection for the living room such as our best seller beach landscape, three-dimensional designs to add that ‘pop’ to any room, and finally, even organizational stickers including chalkboards, kitchen labels, and blackboard wall sticker.

Why choose wall stickers?

Compared to other interior design methods such as painting and wallpaper, a wall sticker is super fun, easy to set up, and can add much more character to a room! This doesn’t go to say you needn’t paint or use wallpaper, however, you can certainly add a unique feel to a room with the addition of a wall sticker or two.

Personally, we think wall stickers are more than perfect for kids! With such a fun and exciting selection of stickers to choose from, this leaves it to the kid’s imagination to pick something which really suits them.

Likewise, if they’re still in their early years, an educational wall sticker is a great way to improve their learning with little to no effort whatsoever.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to add a little character and a personal touch to your kid’s bedroom, festive decoration for the living room come Christmas time, or want to get yourself organized wall stickers are definitely the way to go.

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